Honey and Clover, Vol. 3 (フランス語) ペーパーバック

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Honey and Clover, Vol. 3 (フランス語) ペーパーバック

Chica Umino 著


• Serialized in Shojo Beat magazine.
• VIZ Media has acquired the rights to the Honey & Clover anime series.
• VIZ Pictures has acquired the rights to the Honey & Clover live action film for U.S. distribution. Release TBD.
• Over 7.8 million sold in Japan (Vol 1-10)
• Won the Kodansha Manga Award in 2003
• Honey & Clover anime debuted in Japan in September 2005.
• Chica Umino is also a merchandise designer. Honey & Clover bags, purses, hats, and clothing available in Japan.
• There is a Honey & Clover café in Tokyo.
• The manga has an “indie” art style, not the “big eyes” shojo type of art.
• There are Honey & Clover crafting books, hobby books, and cookbooks available in Japan.
• Numerous fan websites. You can find out more about Honey & Clover and watch H&C anime trailers here:
• http://honeyandclover.animax-asia.com/default.asp
• Should appeal to fans of Art School Confidential and Felicity.
• Translated into Dutch, Korean, Chinese, and German

Takemoto lives in a run-down student apartment, where his greatest worry is when he'll next be able to afford to eat meat and whether he'll get to class on time. Along with his crazy cast of friends, Takemoto sets out to discover life and his true self. Set in a Tokyo art college, Honey and Clover blends comedy and pathos to bring to life a very unique set of individuals.


Professor Hanamoto is off in Mongolia on a research trip, and Hagu is having a hard time coping. The gang do their best to help her out, especially Takemoto. But as graduation threatens to alter their friendships forever, Hagu begins to turn toward Morita...


Chica Umino is the creator of Honey and Clover, which debuted in 2000 and received the Kodansha Manga Award in 2003. Honey and Clover was also nominated for the Tezuka Culture Prize and an award from the Japan Media Arts Festival

ペーパーバック: 200ページ出版社: VIZ Media LLC (2008/9/2)言語: フランス語ISBN-10: 1421515067ISBN-13: 978-1421515069 発売日: 2008/9/2 商品パッケージの寸法: 19 x 1.5 x 12.7 cm



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